What are the Advantages of a Battery Impact Wrench?


Impact wrenches are a great tool to have in your garage. They are perfect for loosening or tightening bolts with ease, and they can even be used on cars. However, there are many different types of impact wrench out there with their own sets of pros and cons.

Cordless impact wrenches have so far been used primarily in metal construction. Here, cordless impact wrenches are ideal because they can quickly screw in the threaded screws and finally tighten them with high torque. Depending on the design of the cordless impact wrench, their rotary impact mechanism enables very high torques, sometimes several hundred Newton meters.

Cordless impact wrenches: These are the advantages and disadvantages

However, the applied torque cannot be adjusted or limited with cordless impact wrenches. Ultimately, it is determined by the time the impact mechanism acts on the screw. To avoid overloading and breaking the screws, the cordless impact wrench should be matched to the size of the screws used.

In the meantime, however, many users use the cordless impact screwdriver not only for driving in threaded screws but also for Spax screws and for drilling in wood and metal. For small wood screws with the speed of the cordless impact screwdriver, you can get a speed advantage. However, if the force required to drive the screw in is so great that the rotary impact mechanism has to go into action, the speed advantage is gone again.

Cordless impact wrenches also offer advantages when loosening stuck Phillips screws. Similar to the pulse function of Metabo’s cordless drill drivers, the small rotary impact pulses allow the screwdriver bit to repeatedly center itself in the screw head and not slip out. The come-out effect is prevented. Cordless impact screwdrivers can also be used for pre-drilling in wood and even in metal with special drill bits with a hexagonal shank.

Important: Do not fall for the idea of using adapters to bring a lightweight cordless impact wrench up to 1/2-inch square drive and then use it to loosen the wheel nuts on your car. Here material breakage is pre-programmed!

Cordless impact wrenches can show their advantages in metalworking. They quickly turn in even long threaded screws at high speed and then tighten them powerfully with impact. Depending on the size and design of the machine, torques of between 80 and 450 Nm can be achieved.

The more powerful cordless impact wrenches are also suitable for loosening wheel bolts. If the cordless impact wrench is equipped with a 1/2-inch square drive as the tool holder, the nut for the screw can be fitted directly. Cordless impact wrenches can also be used for drilling if precise drilling is not required.

Buying tips for cordless impact wrenches

Choose the best impact driver so that it delivers the required torque for the screws being processed. Different machines may also be required for very different screw sizes.

Cordless impact wrenches with 1/4-inch hex sockets are more suitable for smaller screws. However, they can also be used more universally with bits and drills.

For large threaded screws, you should prefer cordless impact drills with a 1/2-inch external square. These devices are usually stronger and are also suitable for loosening wheel nuts. But be careful when tightening! They are usually too strong for that. With a torque wrench, on the other hand, you are on the safe side.