Easy Ways to Decrease Trash and Control Trash Volume on Your Ranch

Easy Ways to Decrease Trash and Control Trash Volume on Your Ranch

Do you have issues with the trash volume? Want to decrease it, but don’t know how? Tried and failed? Well… be informed it’s not a particular problem, it’s actually a pretty common problem that the world is facing, townspeople especially. If you don’t decrease the trash volume, neither will your neighbor, neither will the whole community and that’s how several regions right now ended up with an overwhelming number of landfills…

How to store trash, how to move it in garbage can with wheels, how to compost trash.

Besides pollution, I bet you don’t find interest in a stinky, chaotic trash can either.

Now that you know how important it is, let me introduce to you some easy ways to decrease the trash volume.


Now if you’re not so sure about its effectiveness, let me first tell you about the 3-step process of recycling: reducing, reusing and recycling.

Starting with reducing, you can start it with buying fresh meats and vegetables instead of packaged products, don’t buy or use unnecessary paper and plastics bags, don’t buy beverages in cans or single-serving bottles. Reducing it’s about things that can be reduced or replaced without harming our life and needs.

Next, reusing means you find everything that can be reused and do it, for instance, you go with your own bags and containers when you go shopping.

Some easy ways to reuse are:

  • use a reusable water bottle rather than simple plastic water bottles.
  • carry a reusable travel mug for coffee, try a reusable coffee filter as well.
  • Use a lunchbox and reusable snack bags
  • Use eco-bags instead of normal plastic bags

As for recycling, find out that communities that have separate recycling bins have seen a drop out in trash and landfills volume. Break down cardboard boxes, do all of this and you’ll see a significant decrease in your trash can.

Use the organic waste by composting

We all know how stinky rotten foods are, especially when all messed up in the trash can. Consider using all of these organic waste for compost, a great way of recycling, transform trash into fertilizer. Every product that contains veggies are is organic, so don’t exclude tea or coffee. In order to make sure you’re composting the right way, start with the best worm composter you can find and follow the instructions, after which you may consider choosing a tumbling composter, something that will improve soil aeration, weed growth and alter useful compounds from trash, rotten foods.

Investing in a composter will not only decrease your trash volume but will also benefit your garden.

Get rid of trash can stink

Who wants a stinky can? Nobody. Garbage can odor is something many deal with, it’s even worse if you live in a highly trafficked area, like in a town…

Now there aren’t a lot of ways to prevent it, but you must try sprinkling the can with baking soda, which might soak up the smell. If not, some effective solutions lately discovered are trying to do the same, but with dryer sheets and kitty litter, something that might not only cover the smell but make it completely disappear.

However, if nothing of these doesn’t work, get a garbage can with wheels, you can just move it away somewhere in the back of the house, where it will not affect others and won’t smell strong enough to reach the threshold until the trash day comes. Speaking of trash days… you surely don’t wanna miss trash days if you want to decrease the garbage volume, trust me.

Now that you know how to decrease and control trash volume, go ahead and make your life cleaner.