The Device and Principle of Operation of the Demolition Hammer

demolition hammer

At present, sledgehammers, pendant weights and dynamite have been replaced by modern tools that make it possible to carry out a complex of work much faster and more efficiently than using “traditional” solutions.

In particular, we are talking about a demolition hammer. Initially, this tool was used in the mining industry for chiselling hard rocks in order to obtain minerals. Practice has shown that the use of a “chipper” allows not only to speed up the process, but also to save individual materials for reuse, which has contributed to a significant reduction in costs. Nowadays, percussion instrument is available in almost every builder, and is also available for rent.

To understand what exactly the device will be useful for, you need to understand how the jackhammer works, consider all varieties of the tool, and also study the basic rules and instructions for working with it.

The device and principle of operation of a jackhammer

Impact energy is the main characteristic of any jackhammer. In order to determine the number of strokes, the amount of hammer produced in a few minutes.

The principle of operation of the unit is quite simple: the striker, driven by the engine, has a mechanical effect on the peak, which, in turn, makes frequent reciprocating movements, leading to the destruction of the dismantled material.

When choosing best demolition hammer, pay attention that they differ by the type of drive installed can be:

  • Electric;
  • Pneumatic
  • Gasoline.

In the first case, the device is equipped with an electric motor, which drives the rotor, which affects the striker. However, due to the fact that the drive may “spark”, it is forbidden to use such equipment in places of increased fire hazard. You should also remember that the device cannot work autonomously and depends on the mains.

Hammers with a pneumatic drive do not form sparks and are autonomous, because they can work with a turbine or with a compressor that processes the air entering the installation. In other words, in the first case, the device works by supplying air to the turbine blades, while in the second case the air is compressed and expands sharply in a special compartment.

Gasoline plants are used in places remote from the electric network and are mainly used for dismantling rocks and road surfaces. Absolute autonomy is exactly what distinguishes them from the first two. However, due to the relatively high cost and complexity of maintenance, for ordinary people, pneumatic and electric models look more attractive.

How to use a demolition hammer

Before starting work, the device should be checked for operability and the absence of hidden defects that could lead to emergency situations. It should be remembered about the basic principles of safety, namely:

  • Do not apply maximum force when compressing the hands on the handle; Follow recommendations for working pressure;
  • Use special protective equipment (gloves, helmets, glasses, etc.);
  • Observe the correct position of the peaks before, during and upon completion of work;
  • Keep a safe distance from the device.

Useful tips and instructions when working with a jackhammer

The first thing you should pay attention to is the lubrication of the individual elements of the hammer. Professional builders prefer to lubricate the tool several times per shift. At the end of work, the tool should “cool down”, because in the process, its elements are subject to increased heat. Also, during operation, you should pay attention to the condition and position of the wire: construction practice knows cases where it fell under the cutting part of the tool, and also twisted around the operator’s foot, which led to rather dire consequences.